Teaching Institute
for Manual Lymph Drainage,
Complete Physical Therapy

Why the Földi College?

Highly experienced instructors

fortbildungen2You will receive training from specialist Földi-trained instructors. The Földi College  maintains the original standards pioneered and developed by Prof. Michael Földi and Prof. Etelka Földi. This is achieved by:

  • Medical and therapeutic instructors who can draw from their vast experience of working with over 6000 lymphological patients per year at the Földi Clinic. This guarantees high quality, practice-oriented training.
  • Our specialist instructors actively work in the care of lymphological patients at the Földi Clinic. All students can therefore be assured that the diagnostics and therapy of any lymphatic disease will always be up-to-date and concurrent with the best medical and therapeutic practice.

Further reasons for choosing the Földi College

  • We demonstrate new methods in all fields of lymphology.
  • The course allows contact with experts for specific medical questions.