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Manual Lymph Drainage Courses - International

Courses that are running in the countries listed below, can be booked on this site. In the menu above, you find other countries, where the courses can be booked at the local cooperation partners.

In the course of the last decade the demand for the Földi MLD / CDT Certification Course and other workshops / seminars increased in foreign countries, as well. Since then, cooperations with several partners all over the world were established.  

Unfortunately, these activities where interrupted abruptly by Corona and therefore our international program had to be closed down since spring 2020.

Nevertheless, we noticed an ongoing interest in our educational programme especially in our „highlight“ which is the international 4-week-MLD/CDT certification course during the past two years.  This is the reason why we decided to re-install this special course in summer 2022.

In order to minimize the risk of an infection for all groups engaged (the course participants, the instructors and the patients) the course is divided  into two parts:
During the first 10 days you will stay at the Földi College which is situated in the heart of the Black Forest metropolis Freiburg. Here, you will make yourself familiar with the basics of lymphology (anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of the lymph vascular system but also with the first practical steps as for example the different techniques and sequences of MLD, sufficient bandaging techniques etc.).

After this first module, the course will be continued in the Földi Clinic, European Center for Lymphology in Hinterzarten / Germany. During the second part of the class, you will get an overview of different lymphological diseases (e.g. lymphdema, phlebologcial insufficiencies, inflammatory edema, lipedema) and learn to differentiate between them. Furthermore, you will refine the practical skills you have learned. With regards tot he adaptation oft he therapeutical approach tot he various diseases and details providing effective treatmet, patient presentations will be of great help to you.
The class ends with an exam (written, practical and oral).

In the navigation above, you find the countries where the Földi College currently offers its programme as well as informations about the dates, the costs, the contents and the conditions.

Registration can be effected easily either directly on this website or you follow the link as indicated which connects you with the corresponding cooperation partner.

All courses are conducted by Földi-certified MLD / CDT instructors of the Földi College in Freiburg / Germany and by Senior Physicians of the Földi Clinic, European Center for Lymphedema Treatment in Hinterzarten / Germany.

Register today and profit of the decade-long experience of our staff members to the benefit of your patients!