Teaching Institute
for Manual Lymph Drainage,
Complete Physical Therapy


Since 2009 the Földi College organises MLD/CDT courses in cooperation with Tünde Krizsán-Bagáry, a former Földi Clinic therapist and MLD/CDT instructor at the Földi College in Freiburg (D).

Tünde Krizsán-Bagáry is running her own business at
Viszen NETC Kft
Bocskai krt 9.
H-9700 Szombathely

For 2023 the dates are:

september, 18, - september, 24, 2023 (part I)
october, 2, - october, 6, 2023 (part II)
october, 23, - october, 27, 2023 (part III)

Course venue

Martineum Felnőttképző Akadémia
Karmelita u. 1
H-9700 Szombathely

For more information see viszenkft.hu