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Földi educational videos

The Földi educational Videos are available now also in English language and can be ordered immediately directly at the Földi College.

Video I shows basic techniques and sequences of manual lymph drainage. During a play time of 64 minutes, therapists of the well known Földi Clinic and Földi College show basic MLD techniques.

In Video II and III MLD treatment and bandaging of unilateral arm and bilateral lymphedema of the arm / of unilateral and bilateral lymphedema of the leg are demonstrated. When ordering the whole package a special price of  €75 is granted.

How to order the Videos:

We have three Videos for download:

Video 1: MLD – basic techniques and regular MLD sequences (64 min., 711 MB)
Video 2: MLD sequence in case of arm lymphedema (unilateral/bilateral), compression bandage on the arm (47 min., 533 MB)
Video 3: MLD sequence in case of leg lymphedema (unilateral/bilateral), compression bandage on the leg (48 min., 515 MB)

If you order more than one video you can save money. Please choose the amount of video(s) first. In the next step you can select your videos.

After payment via PayPal you will receive an individual download link for the selected video(s). This link is only for you and valid for one year. You can save the videos and watch them indefinitely.

How many videos do you want to order?