Teaching Institute
for Manual Lymph Drainage,
Complete Physical Therapy

MLD / CDT course Copenhagen

The program is offered as two diploma modules under the Danish Health Diploma program, both to be taken to get the international certification from Foeldi College. Students acquire thereby also two diploma modules: "Development in clinical practice documentation and implementation" and "Physiotherapy Theory and Practice" which is equivalent to 1/6 of The Health Diploma program. Both modules conclude with an examination.

The modules focus on the development of the physiotherapy practice through the integration of practical experience and a development and evidence-based approach to physiotherapy in relation to investigation, treatment and evaluation of lymphatic diseases, eg. lymphoedema, posttraumatic edema.

Upcoming dates in 2024

  • april, 15th - april, 26th, 2024 (module I)
  • june, 3rd - june, 14th, 2024 (module II)

Course venue

University College Copenhagen
Further Education for Health, Social and Employment
Tagensvej 18
DK - 2200 Copenhagen


  • Dr. Martha Földi, MD
    member of the Directory Board of the Foeldi College, Freiburg (D)
  • Dr. Michael Oberlin, MD
    senior physician, Foeldi Clinic, Medical Centre for Lymphoedema Treatment, Hinterzarten (D)
    member of the Directory Board of the Foeldi College, Freiburg (D)
  • Marietta Suessle
    Senior MLD Instructor, Foeldi College, Freiburg (D)
  • Michael Felber
    MLD Instructor, Foeldi College, Freiburg (D)


For detailed information and registration please contact:

  • Henrik Wiben

E- mail: hwib@kp.dk

Learn more about the course in Copenhagen here